Birthday Party in a Box

It just so happens that one of my great friends happens to have the same birthday as J.

Now this is both wonderful and not so wonderful. The wonderful side is that I will never ever forget her birthday- it's set in my memory. The not so wonderful side is that I don't get to celebrate with her on her birthday (well unless we did a huge double birthday, but personally, I don't like how that takes away from the specialness of each birthday person.) So in order to kind of get to celebrate with her on her actual birthday this year, I made her a party in a box. Have no clue what I am talking about? Well here is the finished product:

(kind of hard to tell, but two of the presents, one of the garlands and the birthday banner are actually raised from the back of the box)

After writing a message inside the box top, I slyly delivered it to her house. Oh and by slyly, I mean looking like an absolute creepier running up to her front door, sliding the box through her mail slot without clanking around too much, and running really quickly back to my car as her neighbor- who happened to be pruning his hedges at the exact moment of the "drop and run"- stared at me like I was a crazy woman). Either way, all the running and funny looks were well worth it when I got her call later that afternoon saying thanks! It made me even happier to know I got it to her on time since she then told me she was staying in to take care of her husband who was in bed sick with the flu. (And given that L is actually a nurse, I know he's being well taken care of!) Anyhow, I thought I'd share her "party" with y'all and wish her a happy (belated) birthday on the blog. Happy Birthday, L!!