Happy Labor Day Weekend!

opening game=the official beginning of fall!

I hope everyone has wonderful plans (or at least relaxing ones!) and hopefully you get to spend time with those you love.

As for us:
-I have a ton of work to finish up. This is priority numero uno. (and then hopefully an afternoon snack date with L). On the same note, J has a test that he needs to get prepared for...
-heck yeah, it's finally football season. (GO DAWGS!) I cannot wait to celebrate and cheer with our friends tomorrow. Slightly bittersweet though. It really makes me miss game days in college. It's just never the same when you go back as an alum.
- I'm decorating my brother in laws new place, so we are going shopping for everything from furniture to silverware. Surprisingly, he's almost as pumped about it as me (or is just really good at pretending :) )
- maybe I'll finally finish a diy-er I've had waiting in the side lines
- and the best part about this weekend- the kayaks are finally hitting the water. 4 of us are cruising down the river and I cannot wait!

Have a great weekend everyone and be safe!