Peek into the Studio

the invitationscopyright courtney khail stationery and design

the rsvp envelopes copyright courtney khail stationery and design

Just wanted to show you all a little of what has been keeping me so busy these past few days.

This is an order I've been working on for a while now and I just finished the last envelope! It's so rewarding to see everything complete.

I also thought I would show a few things that have been going on this week outside of work.

A few images from our Valentine's Night dinner:

the table
yuuumm. I could live off of antipasto platters.

A lovely card from one of my best friends in Boston (I love getting letters in the mail. Almost as much as I love her!)

this made my night :)

And lastly, this showed up in the mail earlier in the week:

If you can't tell, it's the March issue of Martha Stewart Living. I didn't order it for myself, J didn't, and my mom can't remember if she got it for me for Christmas or not. Either way, it was a great surprise!

Now, I'm so excited it's finally the weekend! Tomorrow we're going out to celebrate one of our friend's birthdays (and maybe sneak in a morning hike,) but tonight I'm hoping for a relaxing night in :) Have a great weekend everyone!