Full Plate

My plate is really really full these days! I have a ton of projects going on at once (which is wonderful don't get me wrong!) not to mention a lot of non-order work that is going on for the business. The new website is coming together and hopefully launching soon (thanks Neil!), new advertising is coming along, not to mention a few side projects I'm trying to get started up. Oh and taxes. Ugh. Have I mentioned yet how I'm a fairtax advocate? No? Well let's just say I was once again reminded of how much I support it the moment I started doing this years taxes. *Started being the key word ;)

Aside from feeling a little overwhelmed (I think that's normal for a Monday, right?) this past weekend was wonderful. For the first time in months we had warm dry weather. And sunshine! The norm has been cold wet rain, so this was a pleasant change. So of course we went hiking and kayaking! And yes, I know the water isn't exactly warm enough for kayaking (my feet really hated me the moment I stepped in to get into my boat) but we were out on the lake where it was really calm and peaceful and for the most part we stayed dry- and therefore warm. We packed a picnic and enjoyed getting to just sit and talk in the sunshine. It was fantastic! Ran into a couple getting engagement photos taken (she was hiking up the rocks in heels. I was highly impressed) as well as a sinking boat. Apparently one of the near by college's crew teams was out practicing and some how the engine on one of the instructors boats flooded. That lead to his whole boat taking on water that he attempted to empty with his megaphone. I paddled over to give them the gas line that had broken off and floated my direction and despite being ankle deep in water and the lost cell phone and extra megaphone, they seemed to be in pretty good spirits!

All in all, it was a great weekend- though my sore muscles are acting as a constant reminder that we shouldn't wait so long to take out the kayaks. Or maybe that I should just get back into lifting weights :)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend as well! I found an awesome groomsmen gift idea yesterday that I can't wait to share, so be sure to come back by tomorrow!