Happy (almost valentine's day) weekend

so magical. found here photography by Friedrich Seidenstücker

Can you believe Valentine's Day is Tuesday? Neither J. nor I could really wait until Tuesday (we get super excited about giving gifts to each other) so we already had a mini celebration and swapped gifts. (Tickets to see the Civil Wars 3 days after we move to Denver? Heck yea! My husband rocks. Hah. Literally.) That said though, I go all out for Valentine's day so Tuesday is still going to be full of love and glitter. And maybe balloons in the shower.

Still trying to get in the spirit? Maybe these will help.

Amazing cookies for everyone in your life. (Meat cookies anyone?!)

Or make cookies and just add a little love (Anytime I make something for J. he tells me he can "taste the love." This way I could tell him there was exactly 1/4 a cup of love.)
My Dad and I always played Scrabble when I was growing up, (he's a walking dictionary though so I only won if I happened to hit a triple word score or something awesome like that) so of course these made me think of him.

Oh yum.

For my husband, the whittler, a box of wooden chocolates.

My friend Kristin posted about these shirts and J is now officially obsessed.

Happy weekend, everyone!