Good Design: West Egg

via bonnie tsang

If you live in Atlanta and haven't gone to West Egg yet, get on it. (If you visit here, do your best to make a stop.) We ate dinner here just last Saturday and I remember looking at their menus and talking about how much I loved the design of it. Bold, graphic, various type sizes, all wrapped up in a Manila folder- it's simple done very very well. Just like their food. This is a place where you can order biscuits and bacon while your partner eats a hearty chicken pot pie, and then wash it all down with a bourbon chocolate milkshake. Awesome, right?

Oh, and want to capture the moment? They have a filmstrip photobooth too.

So earlier this morning (when I was gawking over the beautiful images she takes) I came across photographs of West Egg taken by Bonnie Tsang and took it as a sign that today was the day to share this little gem with y'all. You can see more images here.