Guest Post: Ginny from My Favorite Color Is Shiny

Okay, so technically Ginny is way more than just the blogger behind My Favorite Color is Shiny-she is also an amazingly talented stylist whose work can be found all over- both on the internet and in print. In addition to her styling company and her blog she also writes the "What's in Your Toolbox" column over at Design*Sponge -which is one of my personal favorites because the focus is on creatives. (I know what you're thinking. When does she find time to sleep? Answer- I still don't know.) I was lucky enough to meet her at Lavish last December and was instantly taken with her laid back, easy going- yet still somehow bubbly- personality. A lover of sequins and love (she married her childhood sweetheart) her blog focuses on the romantic and the beauty of the past. Thanks so much for dropping by Ginny!

currently i am beyond obsessed with the lost generation during the 1920s in paris( thank you midnight in paris). i have been reading hemingway and visualizing what life must have been like during that golden era. can you imagine being surrounded by those artistic icons during their heyday? my husband argues he'd rather live in 1960s detroit during the birth of motown. anyway, this is a collection of treasures i would love to pack in a steamer trunk and time travel to la rive gauche in 1926. and i sure wouldn't mind rubbing elbows with the fitzgeralds, picasso, and gertrude stein.

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