Studio Sneak Peek: Lilac and Rose

"Lilac & Rose" copyright courtney khail stationery and design (feel free to share, but please give me credit and link back to my site.)

Week three of my new design introductions is the design "Lilac & Rose." I love how unique the lilac is- the color gradients, the shapes, the "petite-ness" of them. While they all follow the same basic design (petal numbers, growth patterns, etc) there are such beautiful nuances in them. I wanted to balance those nuances with the familiarity of a common everyday rose. By playing with scale and deconstructing the plant, I was able to bring focus on the individual lilac blooms as opposed to the entire plant. Once I did that, I arranged them in an almost dance-like pattern around the rose in order to keep your eye bouncing around the composition instead of getting stuck in any particular section. And given that I'd already taken a lot of artistic leeway with the lilacs size and shape, I decided to go ahead and play with color as well- morphing the normal purple into a warmer magenta, then a purple-ish orange and finally into a yellow.

Since the design itself has a lot going on, I opted for a simpler, clean layout that focused on the names of the couple and utilized a lot of white space so your eyes wouldn't get overwhelmed.