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I used to be really against valentines day. Not anti-love, just anti-only show it on one day. It just seemed like a really bad excuse for card companies, florists etc. to up their sales in February and to make singles feel like they can't leave their houses. Lately though, I have really gotten into valentines day. I still think it's a commercialized holiday, but I realized that while we should show it everyday, sometimes it's nice to have one particular day set aside just to say I love you.

So that is what I will be doing this valentines day- spreading the love. And not just to J, but to my family and friends as well. How wonderful would it be to get an unexpected valentine in the mail along with all of the junk mail and bills?! (Speaking of which, I'm all for red envelopes- nothing pops like they do!)

I'm thinking I might even bake cookies and take them to the fire station down the street...

On that note, here are some fun valentines I have found over the past few days:

fill in the blank valentine
(reminds me of Juno)

via etsy

my sister always signs xoxo when she emails me and this would be absolutely perfect for her

this was read at our wedding, and the more I read it, the more it rings true
(mini love card via etsy)

For a bed hog like myself, this truly says it all!

via ffffound

Or you can go my personal favorite route, and hand make each one.
via martha