photography (the pictures are here!)

Being an artist, one of the most important parts of J and my wedding to me was photography. I wanted to find someone who was creative and artistic and would really capture some beautiful and timeless shots that day. At first, we were going with a friend of mine from art school, but sadly, about 7 months before the wedding she realized she had a conflict and wouldn't be able to do it. I freaked out (like I said, this was a REALLY important thing to me). I didn't know what to do since the whole wedding was basically planned and budgeted for by that time and I really didn't want to settle. Then I got an email from my sister about a friend of hers who booked Tim and that I should look at his website.

Let me preface the rest of the post by saying there are some INCREDIBLY talented photographers! I saw and spoke with many of them and will feature some of them from time to time on this blog. But when I saw Tim's website, I started tearing up looking at the pictures. They were phenomenal. Completely the style I was looking for- beautiful, artistic and really captured the moments happening. I think it was Elizabeth Ann Designs that featured a wedding he did in Savannah and once I saw that slideshow, I was sold.

I emailed him what happened, he was incredibly understanding and worked with me to help me out and within a week I had my perfect photographer!

We didn't get to meet until the day of the wedding (even though he's from my hometown and I was back and forth from there and Atlanta all of the time), but it felt like an old friend taking our pictures. He was a load of fun, really comfortable to be around and really knew his stuff.

If you are looking for a photographer, look into him. He's willing to travel and I promise he won't disappoint!

And now on to the photos:
All of these are by Tim Will photography

my MOH (and sister if you can't tell!) doing my makeup. If you need any tips (or need a makeup artist) and are in the Atlanta area, go see Deborah Wilson at the Chanel counter at Saks. Not only is she one of my sisters close friends, she is AMAZING at what she does.

putting on my shoes

We decided to see each other before the ceremony, but a reveal was still very important to us. I had my Dad walk me to J (who was waiting in our suite) and present me. The first one is of my Dad kissing me before we went into the room, and the second is of him I think asking J if he was still sure he wanted to go through with it :)

Because we took pictures before, Tim was able to capture a lot of wonderful shots, not to mention it really helped calm my nerves because we got a few moments alone together.

We also got to take our bridal party shots together. I really love to read, so in addition to the sanctuary pictures, we took some in the church's library. Our friends are a little wild and inappropriate and once again, Tim did an awesome job capturing our reactions to all the jokes being told!

Since it was so close to Christmas our church was already decorated. In addition to a white poinsettia my mom picked up, all I had to do was add garland and two "reserved wreaths". To save money and time, I made these in Atlanta (with the help of Pike's nursery) and we all hung these the day before the wedding.

Our first dance to Etta James "At Last"

Running to the after party!

If these weren't enough and take a look at the whole slideshow! And please remember Tim the next time you (or someone you know) needs a photographer. He is so awesome!