St. Patty's Picnic

Just in case you can't tell, I absolutely love St. Patrick's Day. Maybe it's just because I'm Irish (well, part Irish...) but there is just something so simple and beautiful about this holiday. Maybe it's just the festivity associated with the day, but to me it always marks the beginning of spring.

This morning, my dad called me to tell me he was thinking about the first St. Patty's day parade I was in with him. My sister was holding on to the stroller and my dad (who was pushing the stroller) walked through downtown Augusta with both of his little girls as my mom took pictures. I think that's where my love for this all started. It always seemed like my dad's and my special holiday. Every year my family went to the parade together (even if it meant leaving school early) and I would watch my dad put on his Irish American Heritage Society sash while he looked around for the small ones my mom had made for my sister and me. Then we'd as a family we'd be in the parade (sometimes on a float, other times not) and then go meet my mom (who usually always had camera duty :) ) and my parents friends at this pub/restaurant to celebrate before dinner.

It was always just a relaxed and happy day- full of celebration, corned beef and cabbage (with potatoes of course!), and sunshine. That's the feeling I wanted to bring with this board. Keeping it simple, sharing good times with friends and family, and actually getting to experience the day. Everyone just having a good time and actually remembering the true reason for a wedding- to celebrate the love between two people. And what's more beautiful than that?

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