Friday already...

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How is it already Friday? Don't get me wrong, I'm more than thrilled that it's the weekend, I just can't believe it's already here! And as you all can see, I haven't been around here much, but for good reason- I've been really busy getting some things together for the business. Luckily, I've also been very busy with a lot of fun. A couple fun highlights-

1. The hubs and I hiked the Tallulah Gorge yesterday. You have to get there early enough to get a permit (only 100 a day) but then you're good to go. I wasn't expecting to be challenged as much as I was, but as soon as we climbed down some 300 steep metal stairs and saw that we had to climb (slide, fall, whatever.) down a slippery granite wall and then cross a river to start the hike, I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Sure enough, the whole hike consisted of climbing over boulders, straddling crevices, and relying heavily on your arms to pull you up from boulder to boulder. (But the scenery was gorgeous!) At the end though you come to a waterfall that has worn the rock down so much that it's just one huge slide. One huge really fun slide that dumps you out into a swimming hole! After lunch (and a lot of trips down the fall) we started to hear thunder and knew we needed to get out of the gorge and started hiking back. By the time we got back to the river crossing it was raining- making the granite wall we had to scale up in order to get out incredibly slick. Luckily, thanks to determination and teamwork we got out. And then had to climb another 300 metal stairs. I was expecting my legs to be so sore today, but surprisingly, it's my arms that are sore. Apparently I don't work them out that much!

2. I got to meet Ashley Meaders at a Scoutmob party! She's super sweet (as I bet anyone could have guessed) and it was really great getting to talk with "one of my peers." Granted, I kind of felt a little stalkerish/starstruck given that I am a huge fan of her work and therefore knew all about her portfolio. It was kind of surreal being recognized by her too though  "Courtney Khail? I've seen your stuff on Once Wed!" (but then again anytime someone knows my name/work before they actually know me catches me a little off guard and reminds me exactly how fast my little invitation company is growing!)

3. Not really a fun highlight, but worth mentioning. Apparently someone thought my blog was cool enough to embed a virus in it. Luckily (from what I've heard) no one was infected and thanks to my friend (and site designer) Neil, it's fixed. So if you happened to get a warning the last time you came to the site, I am so sorry (!) but everything is better now so no worries.

So back to work now. I hope everyone had a wonderful week as well and that your weekend is just as fantastic!!