Yes, please

I saw these over on Bakerella a few days back and really want to try them. Aren't they the cutest? Who would have ever thought you could mesh individual pies and lollipops? Well apparently they did:)

On a different note, this weekend is going to be such a fun one! We have a house warming party to go to, baseball games to attend, movies to see, and a frig full of fresh fruit and vegetables that I can't wait to cook/bake with. Not to mention my mom is coming in town tomorrow and I am super excited about that!

A few things on my list to do in between all of that:

Continue planning J's birthday
-Make L, A, and B's birthday "cards"
-Make homemade spaghetti sauce (and hopefully homemade turkey meatballs to go with the sauce)
-Bake a pound cake (it's really close to my grandmother's birthday so in her memory, I'm going to try to recreate it. Kind of impossible because she made the best pound cake ever, but I'll try!)
-Make Strawberries and Dumplings (yummy. combining two of my favorite things)
-Figure out what to do with our super ripe peaches

Oh! and hopefully thrown in something outdoorsy (canoeing? hiking? who knows.) That is, if the weather stays beautiful and breezy like today. Otherwise, the most outdoorsy thing I will be doing is sitting by the pool!*

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

*which given my packed list might be all I can handle!