wrap up

today seems like a perfect day for this. via oh happy day

Given that this week has been a little light on posting, I thought I'd just give you some fun things to look at or read. (You're welcome, procrastinators!) I hope everyone has a lovely lovely weekend full of fun and relaxation! (And to my friend K. I will be thinking about you as you are writing papers and taking exams. You will rock them!)

Oh, and a big thank you to Kathleen for your support last week. You are so sweet!

On to the links:

1. I'm a big fan of French style- from the fashion to the overall vibe. Some call it snooty, I call it fabulous. Either way, you can't deny the fact that for the most part, the women are beautiful in a "I really was born like this" kind of way. Read their take on aging gracefully here. Something I learned that is completely unrelated? They find it rude to use the bathroom in someone else's home. Who would have known?

2. Did you read about the 18th century ship found under the World Trade Center site? So cool!

3. Speaking of the French, how about having this little lovely pull up to your home in the morning? Hello elliptical.

4. I need this chandelier. Too bad it's $18k.

5. J. and I are already planning out cross country camping trip and given that "my blood is sweet" (uh huh.) and attracts mosquitoes from EVERYWHERE I might want to invest in some of these bracelets.

6.I have to try my hand at this invitation, using these mini balloons.

Happy weekend everyone!