wish list

Christmas is just around the corner and I figured it’s about time for me to create my wish list. Well that and my mom keeps asking me to tell her what I’d like and since there’s no time like the present I decided to get to it. (Like that pun? Yep. Surprisingly unintentional.) The only problem was that as soon as I started trying to write out what I'd like, I drew a blank. There was nothing I could think of that I needed. (and trust me, if I need something I let everyone know. That's probably how I ended up with 3 different strainers last year.) Of course "nothing" doesn't go over well with a family of gift givers so I made myself sit down and think about what I'd love to find under the tree. (Well to be honest, I was stuck waiting in the doctor's office and prevention magazine just wasn't doing anything for me. Either way, I left with a list.)

So here it goes.

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Fabulous (33)

It’s the only lipstick that doesn’t upset my lips (my face is picky and Chanel has yet to fail me. I use their foundation too and it is a.mazing.) It's also the perfect color for my skin tone. I have tried hundreds of different colors and this is the only one that gives just the right amount of color to make me look put together without making me look like I tried too hard.

Hanky Panky low rise thongs

I’m not sure there is anyone who has ever mentioned underwear shopping in front of me that hasn’t heard of these. These are simply the best for everyday wearing, are one size fits all, and go under EVERYTHING without lines. (Because really, nothing ruins an outfit like v.p.l.) Oh! And they come in a rainbow of colors.

Pastry Blender

I really like making desserts and pastries and still don’t know how I’ve made it this long without one of these. This is actually one of the things I "need."

Cole Haan Air Bandon Ballet Flats in Metallic Silver (size 7.5)

Okay, so these aren't super cheap, but Cole Haan's with Nike Air are like pillows on the feet. I would LOVE to have these. (And will probably buy them myself if Santa doesn't bring them first.)

Harper's Bazaar Subscription

Not sure how I have gone so long without reading this one, but a few days ago I decided to pick it up and haven't been able to put it down. Just the right balance of articles, photos, and ads.

Le Pens in Black

I just really like these pens. And you can find them at Michael's.

Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint

I read this, and now I need this paint in my life. (I have two ceramic birds that would look awesome painted in this.)

So there it goes. That's my list. Of course if anyone is still drawing a blank, I also always love foodie items (olive oil, sauces, real maple syrup? yes please.)  interesting and/or antique jewelry, and flowers. (yes, flowers can definitely be a present. I would love that present. Especially if they aren't red roses because I really don't prefer red roses.)

Happy Wednesday!