Winter Decor

Sorry for missing yesterday. I've been sick the past few days and couldn't get myself up to do much of anything besides refilling my glass full of V8 splash (so good) and grabbing more tissues. My mom sent me home from Thanksgiving with a lot of those little purse packs of tissues (you know, they have like 10 in them?) and they are all now gone. Ironically, they had cartoon Rudolphs on them, and given that my nose very quickly looked just as red I couldn't help but laugh at the coincidence. Side note, the real "only can get from behind the counter" Sudafed REALLY works.

Anyhow, it's been raining a lot so I haven't been able to take pictures to share what I've done to our home, but I did catch a glimpse of this beautiful set up by sunday suppers and had to share. isn't it so simple and pretty?

I love citrus in the winter. Maybe it's just my love of clementines (I fell in love with them my freshman year of college when my across the hall roommate in the dorms would buy them buy the crates!) but there is something really refreshing about the pop of color against a season full of snow whites, muted silvers and golds, creams, and evergreen.

oh I love winter! Now if only it would snow...

Have a wonderful day everyone!