Will You be my Bridesmaid?

I really wanted to do something cute to ask my close friends to be my bridesmaids. Maybe a dress shaped cookie or a super cute handmade card, but alas, my friends all pretty much knew they were my bridesmaids and just kind of jumped on the band wagon. I'll explain a little more.

I texted everyone right away once J and I got engaged (well after calling family etc.) We happened to be outside of Atlanta so we swung by and saw my sister to tell her the good news before J and I went to have a "we just got engaged!" dinner. We were driving back to Athens after dinner when I got a text from my sister. My one and only sister by the way.

"I'm your maid of honor, right?"

Well, yes, of course you are, but there goes the super cute card surprise :)

Then I talk to my bff, A (I know, third grade flash back, but seriously, we were born 4 days apart from each other and pretty much have been inseparable ever since) and she doesn't even ask. She starts planning :) "So, since I know I'm not your maid of honor and I don't want to step on anyone's toes, but I'm already starting to plan your bachelorette party." Just another reason I love A. She doesn't even care about the card. Honestly, she probably would have made fun of me and sent one back saying "I need to think about it."

That same night (I believe) I talked to my other super close friend (and sorority sister) A. (yep. same initials. Oh, and have I mentioned how all of my bridesmaids looked the same? 3 of the 4 had roughly the same hair cut too haha. Apparently I'm just not close with many blondes...) Anyhow, I knew I had to ask her quickly because she and her now husband (they got engaged the night before we did!) would be moving to Boston so he could go to Harvard law (yep. he's a smart one :)) and I wanted to make sure it wouldn't be too hard for them to fly back down.

(If you'recounting, there went card #3.)

Then there was my "little sister." While not blood related, she is the closest I will ever have to a little sister. L is the one I give advice to, get late night texts to talk from, and pretty much just love dearly. I decided I would put the "introducing J to her parents" and "asking her to be a bridesmaid" into one, and did that promptly a few days later when J and I went to my parents for Christmas. I figured sending a card would be redundant after that!

So all 4 bridesmaids had been asked and all without a cute card, or cookie, or anything else. I might send them all something special for Christmas (right after our anniversary) to thank them again. They were all awesome.

Anyhow, long story short, I saw those super cute cards on Once Wed today and wanted to share what "could have been!" If you'd like more, check it out here (which, you should. They are really really cool!)