west elm and why I'm afraid of fur

West Elm has been hitting it out of the park lately. Here are some of my favorites:

this woodcut dinnerware is so beautiful. I love the gold and white as well as how they incorporated scientific illustration with a twist

The saturation of color on these pillows is beautiful. And I love seeing a pattern that isn't stripes, chevron stripes, or dots. (Not that I don't love those, you just see them everywhere.)

Normally, I'm not a big fan of fur. Sure it's soft and warm, but fur and me? Well we have a history. When I was about 6 or 7, I went to school wearing a brand new fur jacket. (Thank you 90's for such unique fashion choices.) It was right after Christmas (I probably got the jacket for Christmas actually) and we were all outside on the "blacktop" doing jumping jacks or something to wear us out before having to go back inside. Sometime between thinking about how much I really didn't like jumping jacks and trying to find a way to play four square instead, a dog from one of the neighboring houses appeared. (I think his name was Otis. He normally would come out during recess to play and we all loved him. Well we all loved him until this day.)

So I saw Otis coming down the hill and the moment he saw me a crazed look took over his face. Next thing I know, he is bounding towards me, mouth open, with his teeth gleaming in the sunlight. The next few seconds were kind of a blur, but I assume I was thinking Otis might be coming over to play, but as his mouth wrapped around my little arm I realized something was very wrong. The rest I remember vividly. I instinctively ripped off the jacket, sacrificed it to the dog, and then watched in horror as he covered it in drool and proceeded to "kill it." It felt like hours before my gym teacher ran to the jacket's "rescue." (He then gave the mauled thing back to me to "keep warm." Seriously? No, thank you. I may be 6 but I'm not stupid. I'd rather just freeze to death than relive that.)

Ever since that life threatening experience, I've been a little afraid to wear/own fur.  Maybe I'm just being over dramatic, but as a 6 year old, watching as a MASSIVE dog charges you, and then sinks his teeth into your arm thinking you were a rabbit or something, I am pretty sure you'd think twice too.

Either way. I would love still to snuggle up in the white one. That is, as long as Bella realizes it's a blanket and Otis is still 2.5 hours away in my hometown.