I've decided to start my online stationery business!

It took a lot of thought, but in the end I knew that I had to follow my heart and use the talents God gave me.(Otherwise, I kind of feel like you're throwing them back)

I can't even begin to put how excited I am into words!

It all started when I began planning my own wedding. In addition to an artist, I am a scientific illustrator and really wanted something that had never been done before for my wedding invitations. Pouring over bridal magazines, I couldn't find stationery or invitations that truly felt like me- not to mention that meant something special to me or my then husband-to-be. That's when the fiance' suggested I just design my own. How exciting and cool would that be? And then came the hesitation :)

What if people didn't like them? Even worse, what if I found out I really *couldn't* do them?

But I took the plunge. We thought about what feel we were going for and what was special in our lives. Eventually we decided to do an evergreen themed invitation. Not only because we were getting married 5 days before Christmas, but also because my grandfather (who was like a best friend) had passed away 2 years before and evergreen was a huge part of his funeral since it stands for everlasting love and life.

That was the feeling we wanted to encourage- everlasting love and life. Not to mention, it meant a lot to me to honor my grandfather since he couldn't be there.

As I drew the illustration for the invites and later actually made them, I realized how happy this made me, and how I would love to bring this happiness to others.

That's when the idea of courtney khail stationery and design first started. I wanted to be able to create mini works of art that people would feel connected to-something that truly represented the person (without having to use their name or monogram). Not to mention, I wanted something good for the environment (all of my paper is 100% rag and my inks are all water soluble) and that could be framed and enjoyed long after the thank you note was read!

Anyhow, enough about that!

I started this blog to collect all of the little things I think we should find joy in. Sometimes it will be wedding related, other times decor or recipes, or maybe even just a few random quotes I come across. Either way, I hope this blog brings a little joy to people in such an uncertain world!

Feel free to contact me (either about my business or about something you see on the blog). I love getting your feedback!