Weekend Wrap up

So I promised y'all that I would share our Halloween costumes, so here they are! We were pretty excited that we were the only magician and assistant (yay for being original!) because there is nothing more annoying than seeing your costume 1000 other times that night.

via my camera

My sister also had a pretty killer costume, but I won't show that one on here, so you'll just have to envision it. She was Beyonce from the Single Ladies video- complete with two of her friends as a back up dancer and Justin Timberlake. That's right, she got one of her guy friends to put on a leotard and go out in Midtown Atlanta. Props to them both.

Last night, J and I wentto the RayLaMontagne Solo show at the Fox and it was fantastic. If you haven't heard him yet, take a few minutes to listen below. He's amazing.

He also played one of his most popular songs the way it was actually supposed to be, as opposed to how he ended up having to record it to make the album flow well. I'm with him, the original version is so much more soulful and beautiful.

Did everyone else have a fun weekend? Hope so!!