wednesday wisdom-no props necessary

* a little bit of a different take on wednesday wisdom... more like wednesday opinions!

so many engagement photos are filled with props these days- vintage cameras, bow ties (yes. this is a prop if your guy never wears them) furniture dragged out into a field to look like an anthro catalog- tons and tons of "things" that are supposed to make your photos more unique and stylish. But you know what I think is stylish? Being yourself. Showing the love you to share. Wearing your favorite outfits and just enjoying the day together as someone happens to take photos. That's why I found this photo to be so refreshing. (I think I found it on snippet&ink, if anyone knows the photographer please please let me know so I can credit them.)

It's just them having fun together. No vintage cameras or board games, no velvet couch under a maple tree- nothing staged or stuffy, and I think they are just beautiful photos. Photos you can look back on without thinking "oh goodness. why did we do that?" Photos you can put up in your home. Photos to be cherished.* (And yes, a beautiful location like theirs doesn't hurt.)

*this is not to say unique trendy photos are cool or can't be cherished. I just love it when the emphasis is on the love, not on creating a photo shoot.

** and please. If you're not a photographer, don't have cameras in your photos. Hate scrabble? Then don't "play it" during a "vintage" picnic in the park. Be yourselves. I promise you two are awesome just the way you are.

*** and of course this is just my opinion. If you want banners and bunting and furniture (oh my!) then by all means, have at it!