Valentines Wedding

Since Valentines Day falls on a Saturday this year, I've been thinking a lot about how you could have a valentines day wedding, without being too cutesy or cliche. I think it would be best to stick to deep reds, and the classic staples of black and white.

V. classic, v. timeless- with just the smallest touch of modern to bring it up to date.

This is what I'm envisioning:

A beautiful strapless lace dress for the bride

via twobirds
How awesome are these dresses??!! One dress and 10 ways to wear it. This is one you can truthfully say you picked so they can wear it again.
I think I might buy one just because. What a great travel dress.

via dc newlyweds
lots of candles around the room

via jcrew
classic tuxes for the men
via M.Polss
lots of champagne

via fete
a beautiful entrance
via flickr
cute heart shaped cookies for favors
via j. echols
and don't forget lots and lots of red roses.

oh and just a few more things to envision:
a black and white dance floor and because I love music so much, an amazing jazz band performing Fly Me to the Moon, My Funny Valentine, and The Way You Look Tonight.

Now, back to the real world. Have a great night y'all!