I love this robe! It's so comfortable and unique. Not to mention it's been my main wardrobe these past few days...

So I went to the doctor and she had absolutely no clue what was wrong with my throat. She did seem to be really worried about my left ear though.

"Does your ear hurt at all?" "No ma'am" "Are you sure?" "yep." "It hasn't hurt at all?" "In my life? or since my sore throat?"

Apparently my ear was really red and she assumed it was infected, and therefore hurting. Despite saying over and over that it didn't hurt at all, she was concerned (or thought I was lying) and decided to put me on antibiotics "just in case." She added that it should also help my sore throat, since even though the strep test was negative, she assumed it was still caused by a bacterial infection.

About 2 hours after I got home my ear did start hurting. Only problem was it was my RIGHT ear. The one she thought was fine :)

The good news is though, my throat feels so much better. Just in time for our trip!