the best way to start the week...

Is with a wonderful blog post review! I sent Amber (part of the duo behind Hip Hostess) some examples of my work and next thing I know, she's emailing me asking if it would be alright to post about me. Alright? It would be awesome! She told me to check on Saturday- since that is when the post was going up- so what did I do? The moment I jumped out of bed (well more like rolled out/dragged out by J and made myself put in my contacts-it's kind of an understatement to say that I'm not much of a morning person) I walked as quickly as my tired body would allow and found this!

Talk about waking right up! I think every artist loves receiving compliments about their work,(and I am no exception) but this was beyond anything I'd expected. I was actually speechless (and ask anyone who knows me, that is a very hard thing to do!) It's reviews like these that keep me designing and painting.

Thank you so much for all of the lovely and wonderful words you said about my work, Amber! They mean a lot and are definitely appreciated :)

Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend and that your Monday is starting off nicely!