I meant to write this yesterday, but I think I got wrapped up in my reconnect challenge and never got around to logging on to anything besides my email! I’m not sure how many of you decided to take me up on the challenge, but for me it was a wonderful (and much needed) break. Last night as we were falling asleep, I happened to put my arm down by my side at the exact time J. did and without saying anything he took my hand in his and held it until I fell asleep. It’s kind of hard to put into words, but it’s those little things that make all my stress and worries disappear. While I was drifting off I started thinking about all of the other things I’m so thankful for that sometimes get forgotten when everyday stresses begin to mount. Things like how lucky I am to have found J., to own my own business and to be able to do what I love everyday; to have such amazing friends who don’t laugh at how long my stories take to tell (yea. I know. I love unnecessary details.) and don’t mind when our lunch date turns into a “let’s go grocery shopping” date (like it did today!)

How lucky I am to be so close with my parents and my sister and the rest of my family, to be relatively healthy (I only say relatively because I went back to the doctor today to get rid of this pesky sinus infection once and for all only to find out it's allergies. Well thanks for letting me know that now.) and how lucky we are to have our whole lives ahead of us. The list could go on and on, but I think you all get the point.

The biggest thing I realized though (and what I wanted to share) was that while it’s so easy to stress and worry and complain when things aren’t going right, you have to take a moment to remember how good life still is...because for the most part, despite the ups and downs, life is indeed pretty awesome.

Happy Tuesday everyone.