thank you

Hey everyone- I just wanted to say a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've taken everyone's suggestions, advice, and comments into account and tried to hear all sides as equally as possible. While I do feel saddened that there was such a similarity, I have to believe that is just due to the growing popularity of watercolor. As another designer pointed out to me, sometimes things just end up being similar! All we can do is put our best foot forward and continue producing work that we are all proud of and would stand behind. That is what I strive to do and will continue to strive to do. Also, something that I think we all forget is just how strong words can be. For that reason, I've taken down the post where I explained how I felt and asked for advice because I don't want anything to be misconstrued. I was just trying to hear other people's opinions (as opposed to only my friends and family) and do not want anyone to suffer or feel attacked. I apologize sincerely if anyone did feel that way, I promise that was the last thing I'd ever want. I hold creatives in the highest regard and would never want to hurt anyone.

Again, thank you so much for letting me hear all sides. While the internet has issues, I think one of the best qualities it has is linking us all together and providing a forum in which things can be discussed.