color inspiration: sun drenched earth and metallics

via oilfighter's flickr

The first time I saw Mammoth Springs in Yellowstone I was blown away. There is an eeriness to it- almost like it's from another world. Combine that with signs telling you to stay back (unstable grounds atop acid are not made for walking on) and you can't help but be intrigued. What's more is that when the sun hits it just right, the whole place seems to glow from within and glistens like it's been dusted by gold and silver. It's absolutely breath taking.

Color Inspiration: The lion the witch and the wardrobe

Northern Lights photo via here, illustration from The Lion , The Witch, and The Wardrobe movie via here Photograph by Emma Summerton and styled by Edward Enninful for W Magazine's Best in Class Shoot

I loved The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe growing up. C.S. Lewis had an amazing way with words and his descriptions of the landscapes and characters put my imagination into overdrive. In particular, I always had a slight fascination with the White Witch. A few years after reading the book, I remember seeing the play being disappointed in how she was portrayed. All white with frosty eye makeup? I know she was technically called the White Witch, but I felt like the all white ensemble made her look frozen, not cold. Or worse, like a snow princess which evokes a whole different feeling. Silvers, blues, emerald greens- those are the colors I associated with her- the colors of ice. So when I came across this photo in W a few days back I couldn't help but be reminded that this is what I thought the White Witch should look like. Stark and cold, but beautiful. Shimmery and glamourous, with red lips, extremely pale skin, and slicked back black hair. I know it wasn't the intended purpose of the shoot, but thank you W for finally getting the image right in my mind.

Summer Sunset Wedding

via flickr

Using this peony I came up with today's board-a summer wedding at sunset. Very classic, chic, and preppy, with an outdoor ceremony by the lake followed with blue or blackberry filled desserts, an all white wedding cake, and lots of slow dancing.

row 1: centerpiece via artfool, navy bridesmaids dress via jcrew, drinks via snippet & ink
row 2: earrings via carmen monique, chandelier via the paris apartment, blackberries via flickr, teacups via oncewed
row 3: casa blanca dress via snippet & ink, mercury glass votives via the everyday bride, van Huysum painting via arader galleries