good design: hubert's half and half

good packaging huberts half and half via courtney khailguess they didn't want to follow their "only the best will do" motto. photo via courtney khail

One wrong turn at the grocery store and I came face to face with a massive drink display- cans upon cans of a lemonade/tea blend waiting for me to take some home. I hesitated for two reasons. First, I've never had a canned tea that was good so I normally steer clear from them, and second, I don't really see the purpose in paying for something that's canned when I can make it fresh at home. But there they were. Happy, smiling faces coaxing me "to just try them" and how could I not? It was all natural! The packaging was super fun! Cheerful, bright, slightly retro type. And they were on sale. So I bought two, took some photos to share with y'all, and cracked one open to try.

What happened next I didn't quite anticipate. My mouth was flooded with the most artificial taste I've ever had (and this includes orange Fanta.) It was horrible! Thinking it might just be me, I asked J to try it. Apparently it wasn't just me.

Just goes to show you how much packaging affects what we buy. I had my doubts, but because it was so cheerful and well done, I went against my gut and took a chance. Here's to hoping I learned my lesson.

color inspiration: rosemary and lemonade

benches via mustard and sage, Popsicles via oh happy day, books via whichgoose

I love this color combination! It's refreshing and crisp and clean and kind of reminds me of warm summer mornings in Italy. Normally I wouldn't mix green and yellow together, but since they are so muted they work together perfectly. Speaking of Italy, there was this one park in particular where they would screen a different American movie each week of the summer and the chairs were painted this exact green. They were so perfectly worn and beautiful with their different layers of paint poking through.

A Garden Party

Created by Chelsea Fuss (and found on Once Wed) I immediately fell in love with this simple table scape from the moment I first saw it. With the weather here flip flopping between the beautiful 70's one day and snow the next, I would love to kick off the warm weather (whenever it decides to come back) with a simple dinner party decorated like this. Doesn't it remind you of the board I created a few days ago (with that awesome yellow and white party dress)?

Not only is the table beautiful, I absolutely love how Chelsea tied in family style dining by including bottles of lemonade and laid back wild flower arrangements. Nothing stuffy about this party :) Oh, and did I mention it is all very easy to DIY and relatively inexpensive? For more info, read here. Here's to hoping for warm weather! Enjoy!