Color Inspiration: grapefruit and lemon

photograph by matt irwin, styled by simon robins for elle magazine, grapefruit granita via food happy, doodles via me, coconut and grapefruit gumdrops via bhg

Now that the days are getting longer and the temperature is rising, I keep being drawn to bright and cheerful colors. Aren't this refreshing? Makes me want to pour a big glass of lemonade and lounge by the pool. Of course, in reality it is still February and I am writing this while wearing jeans and a sweater. Maybe in a month or two!

color inspiration: dreamsicle

orange slices from c.zwerg, streamers via our labor of love, sodas via oh happy day

J and I decided to try out New Orleans SnoBall this weekend since we'd heard such great things about them. Side note, they completely live up to the hype. They were wonderful.While I played it safe with a nectar, peach, and strawberry concoction, J opted for the dreamsicle and it's been on my mind ever since. Bright, refreshing and rich- it tasted exactly like the frozen treat. Taking a cue from it's bright orange color and sweet creamy taste, I thought I'd create a board that featured the same characteristics. Although I tend to lean towards more muted colors, I love how refreshing and vibrant citrus colors are and how easily they all work together.

color inspiration: rosemary and lemonade

benches via mustard and sage, Popsicles via oh happy day, books via whichgoose

I love this color combination! It's refreshing and crisp and clean and kind of reminds me of warm summer mornings in Italy. Normally I wouldn't mix green and yellow together, but since they are so muted they work together perfectly. Speaking of Italy, there was this one park in particular where they would screen a different American movie each week of the summer and the chairs were painted this exact green. They were so perfectly worn and beautiful with their different layers of paint poking through.

Color Inspiration: lemon, watermelon and lime sorbet

my kind of ferris wheel via moS.nap flickr, popsicles via oh happy day, and cotton candy via martha stewart

For the past few days it's been warm(er) in Atlanta and because of this I've been tricked into thinking spring is coming. (Keyword, tricked. "Oh! Look! It's 70 degrees today. Must be time to break out my sandals." No, Courtney. It's still February. Put away the cotton dresses and opt for jeans. Because while it's 70 right now, by 7pm tonight it's going to be cold and you will look ridiculous. This is hypothetical of course. I wasn't wearing a dress.)

Anyhow, even if I can't rotate my closet yet, I can dream about warmer, sunshine filled days. Hence the super cheery color inspiration today. And color names that revolve around sorbet; a treat most of us only eat when it's hot outside and we are in bikini's and therefore cannot justify eating the chocolate cake. How fun are these colors? (that was my attempt to not go on a "how much I dislike trying on bikini's" tangent.) Reminds me of what I always wished fairs were. Bright, retro pastel colors, crisp, fresh air, and yummy treats like tart Popsicles and sugary cotton candy. Unfortunately, fairs are not like this at all (hence why I don't go to fairs. Well that and the whole motion sickness thing.) Instead of being sweet nostalgic events, today fairs are normally smelly and filled with loud noises, jarring colors, and "treats" like deep fried oreos and other "please tell me people don't really eat that" options. Of course, those images do not make for a beautiful color inspiration board so I'll use my dream version instead (because it's better.)