color inspiration: lavender and garlic

I've had this garlic photograph for years and can't track down it's photographer. Can you help?, doodles via me, bedroom via the paris apartment, Moroccan wedding blanket via here

In my own mind, I'm not really a fan of purple. There is something too synthetic about it to me (maybe all the grape flavored lollipops or medicine growing up?) but my tune completely changes when that purple becomes a rich merlot or an earthy lavender. When that happens, I swoon over it. And paired with the papery skins of garlic- ranging from a deep beet red to the lightest of parchments, it becomes comforting and tranquil.

From the Studio: Wedding Certificate

copyright courtney khail stationery and design

I can't show the show the whole certificate (I promised my clients,) but I did want to show a close up of the hydrangea design I painted for them. They wanted to stick with greens and purples, so I had fun alternating between the two, combining colors, and letting the paint just kind of flow. I love when my clients give me a lot of freedom because amazing things can happen. Plus, I'm so type A that I refuse to let anything less than absolutely perfect leave the studio so it's kind of a win-win for all involved. Isn't this pretty, though? I really enjoy how vibrant and modern it became.

And I know you can't see them, but they wrote their own vows and the emotion behind them brought me to tears. There is something so amazing and humbling about being able to share in such a personal moment. There I was, inking in the words they were going to exchange before entering into marriage. The words that promised they would stand by each other, support each other, and love each other always. I couldn't help but feel so lucky to be able to be apart of that and so overjoyed that these two people found each other.

I'm also the person who has to hold back tears at weddings. I can't help it. The moment the couple looks at each other and starts vowing to be a team my eyes just fill up.

Studio Sneak Peek: amy and craig

handwritten rose invitation via courtney khail stationery and design

Just wanted to stop in to give you all a glimpse of a wedding invitation I painted a little while back for a couple having a intimate under 30 person wedding. (P.S. I love the idea of an intimate dinner party wedding.) I was so honored to be able to create these for them! Next week I'll show the gifts I made for their guests...

violet inspiration

via arboreal paper

I found this board yesterday and fell in love with the various purples and whites. I might be a little biased since one of my pieces is in it, but I think that is out weighed by the fact that I'm not normally a purple fan. It's amazing to see how other people view my work, though! When I painted that piece it was part of a multicolored collection, and seemed very vibrant and colorful. Here though, it seems very calm and subtle. Think I'm digging it's multiple "personalities!"

Click here for a closer look and credits.

Summer Berries

This board was inspired by a photo I saw over on Santa Barbara Wedding Chic. I saw it this morning and just couldn't stop thinking of it. I loved the playfulness of the ice cream cones, and esp. loved the color! Sticking with a color palette of various berry tones, this is what evolved. I would love to attend a wedding like this. In my head there is a lot of laughter, twinkle lights, and yummy homemade treats. Hope you enjoy!

row 1: flowers via saipua, anna williams ice cream cone photo via kelly oshiro
row 2: dress photo via, shoes via brooklyn bride, Ceci New York invitation suite via fancy frills
row 3: mini desserts via inspired by this, dress via sarah sevens, lantern photo via yves samuel