tacky christmas surprise stock the bar party

This past weekend J. and I threw a surprise stock the bar party for two of our friends C and M.  C is one of my oldest friends from home and has always been an amazing friend (and from day one M. accepted us into his world and treated us like old friends) so when we started bouncing around the idea of throwing them a party I couldn't wait.  To be honest, I'm surprised I could keep the secret from them for as long as I did. Of course, I did talk to her soon to be sister in law- who helped get the word out- and her mom...and all of my family.... so yea, I guess I didn't keep my mouth shut. I just kept it shut towards her. I'm counting that as an accomplishment. Anyhow. Here are a few photos from the day. A huge thanks for everyone playing along, filling their bar, and dealing with me taking photos all.day.long as well as one to my husband for dealing with me as I planned this.

Oh! And an even bigger thanks to C. and M. for not kicking us out of their house when we surprised them at 10.45a. Those two are troopers I tell you.