switching up how I get my news

via wishfulfillment

Confession-I do not watch the news (usually.)

I always find it to be REALLY depressing and because I am one of those people who has to fight back tears when I see strangers hurting, homeless people, lost dogs.., I have to look away/change the channel all the time. (I've found that this is surprising to a lot of people.) And given that most of our local news is only about one person shooting another person, someone burning someone else's house down, sex predators... you name it, I usually find it best for my state of mind to just avoid it.

Of course, that in itself brings about some issues. An example? In college I complained to my dad about how much it was raining that week. He thought I was kidding. Yes friends, he thought I was kidding because there was a major hurricane system circling the southeast that I didn't know about. Instead, I was locked away in an art studio doing work and complaining about how long my dry times were. Whoops.

And last week? I was a day behind on the Iceland volcano issue. I really had no clue. Thank goodness it wasn't for that long so I didn't embarrass myself in conversation, but it did make me change my "no news" stance. So today I am writing this as I watch the news.  Currently I am hearing about how government workers got caught searching porn sites, how students at a local high school in Forsyth County were covering the school in threatening graffiti, and how a young lied about how he set 5 homes of fire (he said he burned a pizza and threw it on the back porch, but later admitted that he actually caused it after he lit an action figure on fire.) Oh, and this was right after I heard a story about a kid's family suing a school for not allowing him back into school after he was caught with a knife and a gun. This was after he said he was going to kill the baseball coach and the current team since he "was cut from try outs." Really people?!

This is why I can't watch the news.

I am now switching over to HGTV and pulling up online news. Maybe the ability to skim the horrible local news and read about this big issues (what the government is doing, natural disasters etc) will work out better for me!

Anyhow, on a more positive note, it's Friday!! This has been a very eventful and fun week- impromptu dinner parties, mid day lunches,  a dinner and a movie date with the hubs- and this weekend is just as busy! Hopefully the rain won't put a damper on the semi-formal we have this weekend even though it is canceling our kayaking plans. Either way, it's going to be a fun weekend. (And in one week we get to see my parents! I am counting down already because I cannot wait hang out with them.)

What about you all? Any fun plans? If you're bored and trying to find something to do to procrastinate the last few hours of the work day take a look at my blogroll. It's full of wonderful blogs that everyone should take a look at!

Have a great weekend!!