Swapping closets

Now if you are one of those people with really huge closets (or maybe just a more reasonable amount of clothing...), this probably isn't an issue for you, but for me, swapping my spring/summer clothes out for fall/winter clothes is a full day's worth of effort. I meant to do this a few weeks ago, but thanks to Georgia's annoying weather (one day it rains, the next it's 50 degrees, the next day its 82 degrees) it's kind of hard to do a full swap for fear of the moment your short sleeved shirts and flip flops are put away you'll be forced to dig them out due to some random summer-like weather. This weekend, I am determined to do it. It's November people. I want to wear cute sweaters and boots and my trench coats. I want to layer and accessorize with scarfs. I want to drink hot chocolate without having the air conditioner on. Okay. sorry for the melodramatic rant... back to the point of the post.

In an attempt to motivate myself to get to swapping out the seasons (which entails trying on every piece of clothing I wear to make sure a) it still fits b) I still like it c) I'll still wear it*) I starting looking at beautifully organized closets. (Have I mentioned I'm a little neurotic about my closets? my clothes are arranged by color. as in ROY G BIV. Yep, not only am I an artist but I am a nerd about organization as well...)

That's when I stumbled across this lovely over on Urban Grace.

Hello awesomeness. A room just for shoes.

Talk about organization. I would looove this. (I would also love a reason to own that many shoes, because as of now I have absolutely no reason for the insane amount I have collected thus far). I can imagine a whole accessories wall on the other side, along with a vanity and beautiful bench (for dressing of course.)

Anyone else have closet envy?