Studio Sneak Peek: Valentine's Day

all photos via courtney khail

I kind of take a holiday for Valentine's Day (which should explain why I'm just now posting this at 10p.) Unlike most people who simply exchange gifts, maybe go out to dinner, etc. I get really into it. Like, wake up, answer emails and then immediately start baking 4 dozen heart shaped lemon sugar cookies kind of into it. (For the record, I gave 2 dozen away and have 1 dozen wrapped up for the rest of the week. As for the other dozen... I'm going to say Cupid stole them. Better than saying that I think we may have polished off 12 cookies in 5ish hours...especially since I was trying on bathing suits about an hour ago. Nothing says lay off the cookies like a bikini.) Anyways, back to the point.

Once I baked (a completely normal amount of cookies for two people) I headed over to the farmer's market (where everyone and their mother apparently decided they wanted to learn to cook and or buy flowers today) and did our grocery shopping. I really should have planned better and not gone shopping on Valentine's Day, but what can I say- I'm a creature of habit and I like Monday morning shopping. After dodging the 50+ men in line to buy roses (and then this one guy who bought this massive multicolored rose sunset looking arrangement thing,) I finally made my way to the beef counter and picked up a few bone in short ribs for dinner tonight (and by picked up, I mean I had to beg the man to cut 4 fresh bone in short ribs since they were out.  "Valentine's Day" and/or "sick husband" may or may not have slipped out, but I'm going to go ahead and say he only cut them because he didn't want to deal with the woman who wanted EXACTLY 1/2lb of ground chuck who was behind me. Either way, I left with my beef in hand.) And despite the crowds and a few barely missed accidents in the parking lot (if someone is honking, please do not keep backing up before you look and see if they are trying to stop you from hitting them) I did get to wish a sweet older woman in an awesome red hat and my cashier (who's family is all back in her home country) a Happy Valentine's Day and that in itself was worth it.

(Like my long story? Yep. Still not done.)

Once I got home I banished J. to the office (telling him he couldn't come out until everything was finished) and then I started making this (and oh dear Lord was it amazing) and a pot de creme for two (pronounced po de krehm in case anyone is wondering...) and then started on the decorations. Now this is where I kind of get out of hand. As in, I tend to go over board in some people's opinions. Somewhere between hanging 25-30 glittery hearts (that I hand glittered) and sprinkling the table with foam hearts I realized they may be right. (And then I snapped out of it and told myself this was completely normal. Yep.... Completely normal.)

Want to see what I mean? Well then today is your lucky day.

(I was inspired by these sparkly heart from and the glitter aisle at Michaels.)

First, I made a ton of different sized hearts, covered them in Mod Podge and then drowned them in red glitter. Using some hot glue and clear thread, I then hung them (all nimbly bimbly... name that movie) from the ceiling. When I felt fancy, I made strands of 3 sparkly hearts. (I felt fancy approximately 3 times.) Because I got hooked on the glitter, I decided to use some leftover watercolor scraps I had around and drew little glittery hearts on those as well before attaching those to the ceiling as well.

Then came the table. I put down a small white runner that I normally use on our bar (because I was too lazy to iron my white table cloth but needed something white) and then sprinkled red and white foam hearts up and down that. (And then sprinkled on a hand full silver metallic circles and some red metallic "love" and "heart" confetti because I had it and figured I should use it. That was also my reasoning on wrapping the silverware in that garland. Well, that and I wanted to add more red since I was using white napkins and white plates.) Over all of that, I placed a few curled slips of paper that had things I loved about J. written on them. I finished it all off with two crate and barrel glass candle holders and a bottle of Boom! Boom! wine. (Which I am not afraid to admit that I bought simply because I thought the label and the name rocked.)

And this, my friends, is why people think I go over the top. I'll let you all be the judge.