Studio Sneak Peek: holiday party

copyright courtney khail stationery and design

Let's go ahead and not point out the fact that it's January 17th.. almost exactly one month AFTER this party took place and instead focus on the fact that it's red and white and therefore completely fits with the whole Valentine's Day theme. (Sounds a whole lot better than "Sorry I just got around to uploading this one, guys. I was snowed in all last week and instead of remembering I made mini snowmen like this one

(like the pipe cleaner? yea. me too.)

and watched a lot of bad tv. Speaking of which, is there really a show where brides compete for PLASTIC SURGERY?! What have we come to?! And if that wasn't bad enough, then the 4 brides compete for the "best wedding" show came on. It was about that time when I turned to magazines, only to be hit with "What was Prince Charles thinking when he gave his mother's ring to Kate?! Doesn't he know it's a symbol of a marriage filled with infidelity blah blah blah?" No people, I don't think that's what he was going for. Instead, I think he was thinking, "I want to marry this woman and I happen to also have this kick a** ring that not only is beautiful, but also is one of the only possessions I have left of my mom's. Because of all of that, I think the woman I love should wear it."* HONESTLY. The ring doesn't have to be a diamond to promise love and devotion and it's a little tacky to state in a magazine that it should be one.)

Anyhow, now that I've gotten that off of my chest back to the invitation.

Every year my sister throws a holiday party and this year I decided to help her out with invitations. We were under a tight time line (as in they needed to be designed, printed, assembled and mailed within 2 days) so hand painting was out and instead I tried to keep it as simple as possible.

Not sure my sister would agree that tying candy canes to each one was simple, but overall I think they came out great (despite a little discrepancy of colors between the string and the printing. Apparently no one else besides us noticed, but as I've said before, I'm a little neurotic when it comes to my work and therefore it kind of bugs me. But only a little or else I wouldn't share them.)

Hope you enjoy them!