Strawberry Ice Cream

the ice cream maker just starting to mix the ingredients

At my kitchen shower, one of my mom's gifts was an ice cream maker. We had yet to use it, when I started looking at the 3 baskets of strawberries my mom had given me a few days before. Knowing there was no way we could eat that many before they went bad, I decided to whip out the ice cream maker and get to work! Honestly, it wasn't work at all. The only part that took time was cutting up the strawberries! It's really really easy to do and I would definitely recommend home made ice cream to everyone. It was sooo good. Even better, we knew exactly what we were eating. No hydrogenated blah blah blah with artificial coloring, just strawberries, sugar, cream, and vanilla. Delicious :)

starting to see it form :)

and finally, the finished product! Oh, it was so good. Sorry for the blurry picture, but I think everyone gets the idea!