Spring has begun!

Happy Monday, everyone! How is your spring starting?

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Atlanta was finally graced with sunshine, so J. and I took advantage of every ray we could. Saturday we woke up early, packed a picnic and headed off to do a little light kayaking, and we couldn't have asked for a nicer day! Just enough of a breeze to stay cool, but still enough sun so it wasn't cold. That night he had to attend a fraternity alum thing so I went to eat dinner with one of my favorites ladies and her fiance' (who I also love.) Nothing better than eating Mexican outside with friends. It was so great getting to catch up with them both and hear how life, wedding planning, traveling, etc. is going!

Sunday the rain came back so we spent a lazy day lounging around the house, sleeping in/taking cat naps, and wrapped up the day with breakfast for dinner. We had never eaten at the restaurant before, but having passed it multiple times we were happy to finally see inside. Granted, "inside" was more of a big tent than a building, so when it really started to rain it got really loud and the "walls" were shaking because of the wind. We loved it (but we love a good thunderstorm) and I made a joke about the tent giving out and rain pouring in.

I spoke too soon.

Maybe 5 minutes later we hear a scream from the opposite side of the "dining room" and look over to see a couple jumping from their seats and a waterfall flowing from the ceiling. It was hilariously unreal. Luckily, they were okay (and dry due to their fancy foot work.) I'm just going ahead and guessing their meal was comped.

How about you all? Good weekend? How is the week starting?