secret identity

via matt singer

Ever wished you had a secret identity? Well now you can. For $40 you can follow in the footsteps of Clark Kent and buy these awesome plastic rimmed glasses.

Speaking of Clark Kent, my sister has a huge Superman collection in her guest room. All though high school she collected all things Superman. Stamps, ornaments, lunch boxes, posters, antique's actually kind of impressive. (Not to mention how easy buying Christmas presents for her used to be!) We even used to watch the Real Adventures of Lois and Clark together too, but that stopped after an accidental recording over a not so blank tape. Whoops.

Despite that, once J. showed me these I knew I had to share.

Honestly, I never really understood how people couldn't tell that Superman was Clark Kent. I mean, when I put on my glasses, friends aren't like, "oh my gosh! Who are you?! AND WHERE DID COURTNEY GO?!"

Just saying. Lois couldn't have been that great of a reporter. I mean, she was practically dating them both and couldn't tell them apart. And it's not like Superman used that stupid scruffy Batman voice when he took off the glasses.*

Either way, I think these are super clever. Almost as clever as the tag line inside the case.

*yes, I realize being able to compare Superman and Batman makes me sound like a 7 year old boy. I don't care. And on that note, Superman is way better than Batman. No arguments here, people- Superman can fly. At two speeds even. (though THAT never made any sense either. Why would you ever fly slower? And how did he actually fly faster? All he did different was tense up! I digress though. The point is, Batman coasted around. He was just a millionaire with a lot of gadgets. Superman actually flew.

let's just not bring up the fact that he could be killed by a glowing green rock.