rock me momma like the wind and the rain

via Old Crow Medicine Show Website

My husband is a huge music fan. Like HUGE. (Our love of live music was actually one of the first things we bonded over!) And given that we met in Athens, Georgia (home of the B52's, Widespread Panic, and REM just to name a few) many of our dates revolved around going to see bands. Pretty much every night you could find some type of concert and we tried to get to as many as possible. One group we saw stands out in particular to me because of their recent success. I remember telling people we were going to see Old Crow Medicine Show and getting looks of "who the heck are they?" but  J. knew of them, thought I would like them, and for only $5 a ticket there was really nothing to lose. We were two of maybe 30 people there, but the band played as though it was a packed house. It was the first time I heard the song "Wagon Wheel" (still one of my favorites) and we both immediately  became huge fans. I think their CD was like $7 and after they played we got to say hey as they hung around for a little while. It was such a cool experience- even more so because OCMS was "unknown."

Of course now we hear "Wagon Wheel" almost every time we are out and I've noticed a really strong following for their music. Even people who I would never guess would like their "twang" are dancing around when their songs come on.

And if anyone happens to be around Athens this Thursday, they are playing another show! Of course this will cost you $30, not $5, but I can guarantee it is more than worth it. Maybe we'll even head up to the Alma Mater for it...