reconnect project

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Jon Hamm is on Gilmore Girls.

Yes, I just admitted that I actually do (occasionally) watch Gilmore Girls. Even though I find the conversations a little…wordy? It’s still decent background noise while I work. Not to mention it’s that or (checking guide) Overhaulin’, Wedding Day Makeover (which creeps me out) or Divorce Court. So you see, my options are kind of limited. And when Gilmore Girls has Jon Hamm? Well it beats every other option.

And they just mentioned the Augusta Nationals. Hello hometown shout out.

Anyhow, yesterday I went to lunch with Kathleen at Metrofresh and ended up talking for something like 2 hours. She’s a really cool person (as I thought she’d be. I mean, she sings with the ASO and has sung at Carnegie Hall. Impressive, I know!) so I’m happy we finally got to meet in person instead of just talking via comments and tweets. (The fact we met online-even though we eventually discovered that our older sisters are friends as well- led to a conversation about the whole blogging world and I thought I'd expand on that here.)

With the whole blogging/twitter/facebook world sometimes it feels like there is a strange disconnect between people. Mostly because you can know someone’s intimate thoughts, see their vacation photos, and know exactly what has happened in their life since high school without every really having to speak with them. Now when you run into someone and ask “how are you? what's new?!” you don’t really need them to answer. You know they just got back from Hawaii (thanks to the 200 recently uploaded photos) what they had for dinner last night (thanks to their twitter updates) and whether or not they are seeing someone, married, or single (thanks to the fact that it's not really official until it's on facebook.)

While the internet is great at making the world seem smaller (how else would I have made friends on the west coast without actually traveling to every city there?) and is a wonderful way to get your work seen worldwide (I have readers in Chile!) sadly, it’s also blurred a lot of boundaries (should I friend my boss? my parents?) and lessened some human interaction.

Now I’m not saying the internet isn’t awesome, because it is. I’ve “met” some great people, been inspired by amazing photos and artwork, found new restaurants and boutiques (plus saved a lot of money) thanks to sites like Scoutmob and of course added a whole heck of a lot to my music collection.

But I still kind of miss the days of getting a phone call when someone was engaged instead of a text (or worse, finding out on facebook) as well as opening your mail box to find a handwritten postcard from traveling friends as opposed to a quick email sent from someone’s smart phone. (That doesn't mean I don't like emails... it's just, well it's not the same.)

So given that it is Friday, I have decided to challenge you all this weekend. Let’s call it the “reconnect project.”

Here are the guidelines:

-Saturday and Sunday spend no more than one hour online each day.

-Cook something (I agree with Kelly that scones are REALLY easy, but even slice and bake cookies would work. There is something rewarding with the instant gratification of cooking)

-Ask someone you don’t know how their day is going and actually wait for the answer.

-Mail a letter to a friend or a family member. It doesn’t have to be long (or on my stationery haha), just a “wanted to let you know I was thinking about you” is enough.

-Do something outside. Eat lunch, play a game, take a walk, whatever it is, get outside.

-And lastly, challenge someone else to take this on. (And given that it's Friday you can do this via twitter without taking away from your hour tomorrow!) See? Nothing too painful.

So there it is. Good luck and have a great weekend!!