Really cool things I'd most likely break

So this one is just a random post, but I was perusing and came across 3 things that I think are completely awesome, but that I would break in an instant- simply because I would think they were unbreakable. Wondering what I mean?

Example #1 - glass "plastic bottles." Love them. They are so cool! But... I can already see myself knocking it off my desk as I type and for a split second thinking, "it's cool, it's plastic, it won't break." then hearing the crash and remembering "oh that's right. It's actually glass. great."

Example #2- the porcelain coffee cup fashioned after the ever so lovely white plain paper one. I know it would be heavier, but I think sheer habit would have me tossing this into a corner trashcan only to freak out, hope it didn't break, and be forced to dig into a public trashcan. That, or suck it up, realize that wasn't the smartest thing I would have ever done, yet refuse to reach into a public trashcan and then be forced to sulk about how it kind of defeats the "not filling up the landfill purpose" if I just throw it away anyhow. :)

And example #3 the glass creamer-which, yes, I should be able to not break simply because it is obviously glass. But I bake (a lot) and drop things (a lot) and can just see this crashing from my hands as I try to grab "just one more thing" from the frig. This isn't to say I don't want this. I actually think this is precious and might just have to take the chance :)

all images via fredflare