picnic invite

J. and I are hosting a couples picnic in the park and given that I love invitations (never would have guessed, right?) I knew facebooking this just wouldn't do. Also, since the guest list is small I knew I could really go over the top with materials etc. without killing myself with the price or the workload. This is the final product (read on to see how I made them!)

copyright courtney khail stationery and design

First, I hit up Lowes. Thanks to a really nice man in flooring, I picked up a (rather large) sample of AstroTurf for free. Luckily though, AstroTurf really isn't that expensive so even if I had to buy it, it wouldn't break the bank.

Second, I headed to the fabric store and found a plaid that would fit perfectly with the decorations for the picnic and bought 1 yard of it.

At home, I cut the AstroTurf into invitation sized rectangles (really really messy btw) and then cut the fabric into smaller (but still proportional) rectangles. After that I cut small pieces of scrap watercolor paper I had and hand wrote the main information for the picnic on them. I then hand sewed the fabric to the AstroTurf and then hot glued the info onto the middle of the fabric. (I have yet to master the hot glue gun. I always burn myself!)

If you have ever looked at the back of AstroTurf you'll see that it is REALLY ugly. (Add not so straight hand sewn threads and it's just that much worse.) To hide all of that, I covered the back with regular kraft paper. (I had a huge roll of it thanks to my mom since she knows I like to wrap all of our gifts in it.) In addition to making it look cleaner, the paper also gave me the space to write a little more about the party on the back (like direction info, what to bring, etc.) without cluttering up the front.

Lastly, I slide them into envelopes I had hand addressed in black ink, sealed them up and mailed them out!

What do you all think? Do you like them as much as I do?