Picnic in the Park

via courtney khail stationery and design

Last Friday night, ten of us got together and ate dinner together in Piedmont park. You already saw my picnic tote and the invitations, but I thought I would share a photo from the picnic itself. It was such a great time! I don't think any of us (esp the boys) expected to stay as long as we did, but before we knew it all of the food had disappeared, sunlight was replaced by the glow of street lights and it was nearing midnight! Such a wonderful time and I can't wait to do it again. Do you all have any new summer traditions?

Oh and did I mention the cupcakes? I whipped up some homemade Swiss Buttercream Icing and although I may be a little biased, they were the best cupcakes ever. I don't think any of us can ever go back to store bought icing again!