photo catch up

Hi everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted so I thought before the weekend starts, I’d share a few photos from the past few days.

copyright courtney khail stationery and design

sneak peek of a custom order I’m working on right now. I love how these are coming together and I can’t wait for my clients to see them all together.

this is from the Braves last game of the post season and Bobby’s last game before retirement. Even though we lost, the atmosphere was pretty amazing and it was really touching to be a part of history.

my friend L and I have decided to take up sewing. Though our sewing dates are more to catch up and gossip together, we are slowly but surely learning. Case in point? We learned how to use the automatic bobber thing today (yes very technical, I know.) Up until now I’ve just been winding it by hand- mostly because I really don’t like reading directions. Luckily, even though she doesn’t like them either, L. actually did read the directions and figured out how to do it.

via how about orange

have you read Joy and Meg’s book, Creative Inc. yet? If you’re in the freelance/creative world, it’s a must read! It has great advice, is easy (and quick) to read, and is full of useful real world advice. I loved reading all of the interviews and hearing other people’s stories and perspectives. Great work, ladies! I hope the book tour went well!

The weather is also finally starting to cool down, so I’ve started bringing out some of my favorite fall recipes like chocolate chip banana bread, apple bread, and this tasty little creation. Seriously, chili on a biscuit? Yes, please.

I also dying to try this pumpkin spice cake I saw in one of my magazines and maybe even make caramel apples. Which reminds me, I kind of want to go apple picking.

Have I mentioned how much I love fall?