Our rock stars aren't like your rock stars

So I opened up my email this morning and was surprised with an awesome gift.

All yesterday afternoon I swooned over the different type at Veer and by the time I started making dinner I had fallen in love with one particular script. A script I really really didn't have to have, but really really wanted. J thought it was really nice (a little too scripty for his taste, but he appreciated the line quality) but acting as my practical side he convinced me to hold off on buying it for a little while. Even so, I couldn't help but share my new found obsession with my friend, N.- who in addition to getting my new website up and running, happens to be a (famous*) type designer. i.e. he'd completely understand my "love at first sight" over this script.

And he did. And he knew the designer of the type I loved! I was shocked. Not only did he know him, but he used his nickname. You know the intel commercials that says "our rock stars aren't your rock stars?" It was just like that. It was like texting your friend about falling in love with with a wedding dress and your friend texting back, "oh, is that Vera's? We're having lunch tomorrow." Craziness.

anyhow, back to this morning's email.

I opened it up and ta da! Ready to be downloaded, waiting patiently for me to use it, was THE script.** Have I mentioned how much my friends rock? Because if not, they are the best. Thanks, N!

*he's doesn't always admit this, but the many accolades support my statement. ** This is where I started jumping around our living room singing "yay yay yay!" as J asked me to breathe and tell him what I was so excited about :)