Oh that's why everyone is wearing green!

via martha stewart

Yep, I completely forgot today was St. Patrick's Day. It wasn't until J. and I went to lunch at my uncle's restaurant did I notice (and only because everyone was wearing green. My uncle even had a green hat and bow tie!) Thankfully, no one pinched me :)

But with all of the rainy weather here in Atlanta, it just doesn't feel like St. Patty's Day- let alone March. Normally, I'd already have a dozen or two shamrock cookies in the oven, a green dress on, and the table set with green napkins etc, but instead, I am curled up on the couch with my computer working on my taxes. Luckily though, my blanket does have green in it so I don't feel too badly.

and who knows. maybe by dinner tonight I'll get into the spirit and break out the green. If nothing else, I'll at least put on my favorite green dress...(Being Irish it seems only right!)

Hope everyone is having a fantastic St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy the festivities and be safe!