I think every time it gets colder out I start itching to do something with our place* (or anyone's place... I'm currently helping my best friend and my brother in law decorate their new homes) and now that we are spending more time indoors, I am finding more and more projects and looks I want to incorporate into our new home. Side note on that. If you've been reading for a little while, you know that our new home is still 2 years away (how long J has left with his doctorate) and will most likely be out west so we have no clue what it will look like, but that is still not stopping my imagination :) Anyhow. back to the point....

I saw this picture today and wanted to share what I fell in love with. Please look at these windows. Holy cow. Wouldn't these look beautiful in a living room?? I can already imagine the view of the Rockies through these!

*I'd like to go ahead and thank my mother for this gene... she's my go to friend when it comes to wandering flea markets and vintage stores. and what happens if we are unfortunate enough to be without each other in a flea market/thrift store? Likelihood we will be on the phone the whole time chatting excitedly about what we could do with that cute little chair in the horrible green fabric. I have gotten so many weird looks :)