natures song

Have any of you seen the movie Failure to Launch? You know the crazy roommate (ms. zooey deschanel) and how she is battling an annoying bird that keeps on singing outside of their house? Yea. I feel just like her right now.

We have a (very loud annoying) bird in the tree next to our porch. Unfortunately, I think the little bird has decided to build a nest on top of our chimney (or very close to it) because it's "song" (more of a pigeon coo than a song in my opinion) is very clearly traveling down the chimney and into our living room.

Bella is sitting at the window staring at the tree with her head cocked to one side listening. Every time she hears it she shifts abrubtly- trying her hardest to find out exactly where/what it is.

To say the least, it's making work a little difficult.

How is everyone else's Tuesday going?