my parents are really cool.

Like I mentioned last week, I spent the past few days at my parents and it was absolutely wonderful. We definitely missed J. (he had to work and couldn't make it) but it was nice  to catch up and spend some quality face to face time with my parents and just hang out! And you know what I found out this weekend? That my parents are really cool. Like more so than I already thought. I was going through my parents storage when I found a baseball autographed by Hank Aaron to my dad. The conversation went something like this: "Hey! Mom! Dad has an autographed Hank Aaron ball!"

"Yea, I know."

"When did he meet Hank Aaron?"

"He didn't. I know him."

"You know Hank Aaron?!"

"Yea. I hung out with him for a day when he came to Augusta a few years ago. I was the liaison for United Way."

"How did I not know this about you?"

"Never asked I guess."

Thanks, Mom. She's right though, I never asked if she knew Hank Aaron, but then again, when if the last time you think to ask that? (J. got really excited when I told him that night because he adores Hank Aaron.) Apparently she also didn't know too much about him so he spent the whole day telling her about his career and family and then asked if she wanted him to sign anything. My mom didn't have anything on her so he waited in the car while she ran into a sports store to buy a few baseballs. (I couldn't stop laughing at the idea of my mom running around a store looking for baseballs while Hank Aaron sat in her car.)

Oh. And she dated the bassist from Lynyrd Skynrd in high school ("did you not know they started in Jacksonville?") and had dinner with Paul Simon. After all that my dad casually mentioned that they went to Johnny Cash's funeral ("signed the death book too!") And that was all after hearing some pretty amazing stories about my dad (just to hear about the cars/motorcycles he owned and raced impressed me enough, and that was only like 1% of the cool things he's done!)

So yea. My parents kick ass.

How was everyone elses' weekend?!