More Free Stuff (that is actually worth it!)

I love Saks (as long as I am not being pestered to buy something.) It's just so calm and peaceful and clean. No screaming children, no loud cell phone conversations- just a pleasant shopping experience. Plus, thanks to my sister, I am now close to the lovely D at the Chanel counter so it's a nice place to stop and catch up with her*

Anyhow, I checked my email a few days ago and lo and behold Daily Candy let me know that Saks was giving something away today. Bring in any bottle of shampoo (it can even be an empty bottle!) and they will give you a choice between 3 different Fekkai shampoos. In case you haven't used this stuff before, let me just go ahead and tell you how awesome it is. It really does wonders and is really good for your hair!

So grab an empty full sized bottle (or run by the store and buy a 97 cent bottle of Suave as one of my sisters friends did) and go try it for yourself- or give it as a present if you want to be nice to someone :)

Being a $23 bottle of shampoo, it's a pretty great deal. Plus, you may even be like me and run into someone you know and love while you're there (as I was leaving my sister was walking through the door so I got to spend some time with her!) Great minds, my friends, great minds.

Hope everyone is having a happy Thursday!

*Not only is D just wonderful, she never lets you leave without looking your absolute best. Tired? About to head out to dinner? No problem. She can make you go from drab to fab in 5 seconds flat. She is just that awesome. If you are ever in Atlanta and need help with your makeup, definitely go visit her at Chanel!